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Automatic Weighing And Dissolving System
  • Automatic Weighing And Dissolving SystemAutomatic Weighing And Dissolving System

Automatic Weighing And Dissolving System

The automatic weighing and dissolving system is mainly developed and manufactured to provide intelligent production line, improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and reduce labor cost. The automatic weighing and dissolving system can set more than 100 kinds of recipes in the program. Automatic batching of various candy recipes. Such as: hard candy, lollipop, toffee, milk candy, gummy candy and various beverages. It is also the best and ideal choice for the majority of candy companies and beverage companies.

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Product Description

You can rest assured to buy Automatic Weighing And Dissolving System from Youlu® and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. 

Automatic Weighing And Dissolving System Introduction:

Automatic Weighing And Dissolving System more than 100 various kinds of recipe in store. 6 kinds of liquid material units and 1 sugar screw conveyor.

A. Working Principle of Automatic Weighing And Dissolving System

Computer setting and selection the recipe as requirement

1.Automatic be zero when weighting

2.Feeding required volume water

3.Feeding required volume glucose

4.Feeding sugar, start the mixing at same time,when the quantity approaching the required one, stop mixing, continuous send the sugar to required quantity.

5. Feeding other material automatic to required volume. If need the mixing or not depend on detail material(according the feeding of the material, for save the time,can be selected that feeding the sugar and other material at the same time.)

6.After finish the material feeding, start mixing till to the material send to dissolving tank (buffer tank with coil heating system)

Begin for sending the material for next batch as computer program and continuous working as the recipe fixed in the computer.

For precision weighing , need stop mixing when weighing

I.YouLu®Automatic Weighing And Dissolving System Principle of Dissolving Tank

When one batch material mixed as recipe and then unloading to the indicated dissolving tanks(2set of buffer tank with coil heating).The dissolving tank should be empty,otherwise, the tank will be locked automatically, then the mixed material can be sent to the dissolving tank. Dissolving tank start mixing ,and start heating system(through the steam coil heating system), when the temperature be required one, then stop steam and heating automatically,continuous mixing for fixed time,ensure the sugar mass will not be jam or be solid . When next working unit need sugar mass,push the button,then dissolving tank be unloading position,open the valve automatically and discharging ,the dissolving tank fixed with 3-way valve controlled by manual,for clearing and cleaning.

II. Automatic Weighing And Dissolving System Combined By Auto-Feeder And Dissolving

1.Automatic Material Feeding System

A. Feeding material connecting system: sugar screw conveyor,for liquid material,on the top of the tank fixed with control valve and fixing frame.glucose connector diameter 50mm,other pipe and valve(diameter:30mm set ,diameter 20mm 2set)

B. Mixing tank: with hot water jacket tank(φ700mmX650mm),thickness of shell is 2.5mm. With one set mixing system rotary speed at 1440rpm and unloading valve(φ100mm)and pipe(φ100mm)

C. Automatic Weighing And Dissolving System: machine frame and load cell and so on.

D. Pneumatic System: pneumatic valves and pneumatic controlling system.

2.YouLu®Automatic Weighing And Dissolving System Dissolving System

A Dissolving system: Dissolving tank (φ800mmX800mm,2.5mm thickness) ,mixer(1440rpm). unloading valve (φ65mm) and manually 3-way valve (φ65mm) ,with top and bottom level senor

B. Heating system: disconnecting valve、pressure regulator valve 、pneumatic disconnecting valve、heating coil(φ25mm pipe)、bleeder

C. Temperature controlling system: temperature sensor and temperature controlling unit.

D.Pneumatic system: pneumatic valve and pneumatic control system.

E.Impeller pump: with inverter controlling speed.










Air Consumption



Steam consumption



Steam Pressure









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