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Soft candy pouring molding machine makes production more efficient


Now factories are mechanized production. Compared with traditional manual production, the output is significantly increased and more manpower is saved. Today, let's introduce the equipment process of soft candy pouring and molding machine: dissolving sugar → filtering → boiling sugar → adding additives → pouring and molding → cooling → film removal → drying room → packaging → packing. Its use makes the production more efficient.

Although the elastomer casting industry has made great progress, the automation level of traditional batch casting equipment is still not high. Most casting production lines only have part of the action machinery, while the production lines of industrial technology and production quantification need to be self segmented and combined. Therefore, batch casting equipment is basically in semi mechanical or semi manual state, with low production efficiency, large labor demand, high energy consumption and serious waste of cost and materials. In addition, in the production process of traditional elastomer casting equipment, the curing channel heats the runner and mold by using liquefied gas. Due to the heat transfer of air, the speed of heat transfer is slow and the energy consumption is large. At the same time, the high temperature pollution index of the workshop will be greatly improved. Due to the inaccurate temperature control, waste products often appear, resulting in the waste of materials and the increase of cost. This situation has been changed by the fudge pouring molding machine.

The soft candy pouring molding machine is developed by the R & D Department of our company according to the market demand for soft candy of various shapes and colors. It is an ideal equipment for continuous production of high-grade colloidal candy (sugar). It can produce high-quality monochrome and bicolor sugars. By changing moulds or pouring heads, it can also produce high quality, various shapes and many kinds of gel soft sweets. After online, the mixture of flavoring pigments and acid solutions can be completed online. Highly automated production can not only produce products with stable quality, but also save manpower and space, so as to reduce production costs.

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