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Servo Driver Lollipop Depositing Production Line


This is a fully automatic servo driver lollipop depositing production line, which is a new equipment independently developed by our company . The difference of this servo driver lollipop depositing production line is that we use full servo control. Servo-controlled pouring, servo-controlled mold lift, servo-controlled tracking, servo-controlled spindle. And we use intelligent motion controllers to control each action. Really achieve the effect of full servo. The advantages of the full servo driver lollipop depositing production line are accurate pouring, reducing candy weight errors and improving production efficiency. Therefore, customers must pay attention to the technical parameters and performance of the equipment when selecting servo driver lollipop depositing production line, and avoid buying fake servo driver lollipop depositing production line. Welcme to conatact us when you need to buy a real full servo driver lollipop depositing production line

Video of Servo Driver Lollipop Depositing Production Line 

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