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What are the features of the Flat Lollipop Making Machine line?


The company's machine, electricity and gas control are integrated, the structure is reasonable and compact, and it has a degree of automation. High production efficiency, can produce single-color, double-color double-flavor spray, double-color double-flavor double-layer, three-flavor three-color spray, crystal candy, sandwich candy, stripe candy, etc. The candies produced by the Flat Lollipop Making Machine have the characteristics of crystal clear and smooth, clear spray stripes, accurate and stable filling volume and position, and good taste, and are well received by domestic and foreign customers.

The production line also has the following features:

1. PLC automatic programming controls the temperature, time, pouring temperature and pouring speed of vacuum boiling sugar;
2. The 6.8-inch large LED touch screen display is easier to operate;
3. The production capacity can be from 150 kg to 600 kg per hour;
4. Frequency conversion speed regulation to control the flow of sugar liquid;
5. Complete the quantitative filling and mixing of essence, pigment and acid solution online;
6. Conveyor chain belt, cooling system and double demoulding mechanism ensure demoulding;
7. Various shapes of candies can be produced according to different molds;

8. The optional chocolate quantitative filling system can produce chocolate core candies.
9. The whole production line is manufactured according to the standard and meets the requirements of food hygiene.

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