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Introduction to the use and working principle of the Chocolate Coating Machine


1. Chocolate coating machine uses

Chocolate Coating Machine is an equipment for producing colorful chocolate varieties. It can dip-coat chocolate slurry on the surface of various foods, such as candies, cakes, biscuits, etc., to form chocolate products with various flavors.

2. Working principle and process of chocolate coating machine:
The coating machine produced by the company is a multi-functional equipment that can adapt to the dipping of chocolate on the surface of various foods. At the same time, it can be configured according to the needs of customers' products. In order to further increase the company's output, after the assiduous research of our company's personnel, on the basis of the existing coating technology, the company has developed and equipped with a dehumidification device in the cold channel, which is suitable for users such as wafer biscuits. , egg rolls, egg yolk pie, candy, puffing and other coated products to improve brightness and prolong shelf life, with considerable comparability, it is an option for companies that value products.

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